The Ghost Rider (1967)

Before Johnny Blaze was making deals with Satan and before a motorcycle riding demon with a flaming skull for a head tore down his first desert highway, there was another! Carter Slade, the original Marvel Ghost Rider of the Old West, had a series that ran for seven issues.  After the series ended, Slade's story continued into the Western Gunfighters anthology title.

Review Links: 
The Ghost Rider (1967) # 1 - "The Origin of the Ghost Rider"
The Ghost Rider (1967) # 2 - "The Macabre Menace of the Tarantula!"
The Ghost Rider (1967) # 3 - "Circus of Fear!"
The Ghost Rider (1967) # 4 - "...And Men Shall Call Him Stingray!"
The Ghost Rider (1967) # 5 - "The Tarantula Strikes Back!"
The Ghost Rider (1967) # 6 - "Behold a Flaming Star!"
The Ghost Rider (1967) # 7 - "The Macabre Mystery of Massacre Mountain!"

Ghost/Night/Phantom Rider Chronology

Ghost Riding Into the Sunset, Part 1

Phantom Rider: Sex Offender

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