Ghost Rider (2016)

GHOST RIDER (2016-2017)

Following the end of the "Secret Wars" event and the character's appearances on the television show Agents of SHIELD, Marvel relaunched Robbie Reyes into a new Ghost Rider series written by Felipe Smith and drawn by Danilo Beyruth.  Unfortunately, the series was cancelled after only 5 issues, with the sixth solicited issue being pulled from the release schedule, making this the shortest ongoing Ghost Rider series so far.

Review Links: 
Ghost Rider (2016) # 1 - "Four On the Floor, Part 1"
Ghost Rider (2016) # 2 - "Four On the Floor, Part 2"
Ghost Rider (2016) # 3 - "Four On the Floor, Part 3"
Ghost Rider (2016) # 4 - "Four On the Floor, Part 4"
Ghost Rider (2016) # 5 - "Four On the Floor, Part 5"

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