Avengers (2018)

As part of the "Fresh Start" relaunch initiative, a new volume of Avengers debuted by writer Jason Aaron and artist Ed McGuiness that featured a "back-to-basics" approach to the team.  Along with reuniting Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America on the team for the first time in years, Aaron also brought Ghost Rider Robbie Reyes onto the roster, the first time a Spirit of Vengeance had been inducted into Earth's Mightiest Heroes!

Review Links: 
Avengers (2018) # 1 - "The Final Host"
Avengers (2018) # 2 - "Still Avenging After All These Years"
Avengers (2018) # 3 - "Where Space Gods Go to Die"
Avengers (2018) # 4 - "A Battle That Was Lost a Million Years Ago"
Avengers (2018) # 5 - "The Secret Origin of the Marvel Universe"

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