Saturday, August 19, 2017

Inner Demons Episode 11: "Total Eclipse of the H.E.A.R.T."

Unzip your pants and let your tentacle appendages loose for the newest episode of Inner Demons, the 'net's best (i.e. only) Ghost Rider podcast!  This time Brian and Chris turn a critical eye toward Edge of Venomverse # 3, where Robbie Reyes totally tongue kisses Mr Hyde (spoilers ahoy, of course).  Then the classic reviews shine a light on Ghost Rider (1973) # 3, Ghost Rider (1990) # 8, and Ghost Rider (2005) # 3!  Finally, stick around 'til the end of the episode for a very special creator interview with a legendary Marvel Comics creator!

You can listen to the episode at the Vengeance Unbound page on blogspot, or you can download it from either Stitcher or iTunes .  You can also find us on Facebook, just search  for "Vengeance Unbound" and on Twitter under @InnerDemonsGR.  Thanks for listening!