Saturday, June 24, 2017

Marvel Legacy

On Friday Marvel released covers for the 52 titles they're relaunching in October as part of the "Marvel Legacy" event.  Normally these relaunches don't mean much to me, but this one actually has two really important Ghost Rider events!  The cover images were released as GIFs that show the new cover and the original Marvel Comic cover they're replicating.  Click on all images to enlarge!

First up is the brand new Spirits of Vengeance series, which from the cover seems to be starring the Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider, Daimon Hellstrom, Satana, and Blade!  The cover art is by Ken Lashley and is an homage to 1975's Giant-Size X-Men # 1.  No word on the creative team yet, but I wouldn't be opposed to Lashley being the artist, his recent run on Uncanny X-Men was great.

Also releasing in October is a new arc for the Iceman series, which reunites the classic Champions team of Ghost Rider (Blaze), Hercules, Black Widow, Archangel, and of course Iceman!  The series is written by Sina Grace but there's no information on the artist.  The cover, which is an homage of Gil Kane's cover for The Champions # 1 from 1975, is drawn by Michael Ryan.

I do find it strange that there's no sign of Robbie Reyes in a Ghost Rider series, though he does appear in two different covers for the Marvel Legacy one-shot by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic.  That one-shot, releasing in September, is introducing a "prehistoric Avengers" team that features the very first Spirit of Vengeance along with characters like Odin and the Ancient One, so that should be awesome.

Lots of really cool Ghost Rider material coming up, people!  Finally, Brian and I will have new stuff to talk about on the podcast again!  Though, naturally, we recorded an upcoming episode the day BEFORE all of this stuff was announced, so we'll be talking about really old news when we finally talk about all of this "on air".  That's the way the podcasting cookie crumbles, I suppose.