Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Podcast Reborn!

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So, last year I attempted to get a Ghost Rider podcast off the ground, and for several unfortunate reasons it just never came together.  THIS year, I'm trying again with hopes that it will actually materialize for everyone's listening enjoyment.  Accompanying me on this podcasting journey is fellow Ghost Rider fan and longtime supporter of the blog Brian Biggie, and we have plans to start recording at the end of January.  We won't be releasing for a while, though, since we want to get several episodes in the can first, especially since we're both new to the podcast thing and there will definitely be some growing pains.

As for the blog itself, I'm nearing the end of the material I've been reposting from the defunct Vengeance Unbound website, so everything going forward will soon be brand-spanking-new content.  Because of this, the nightly updates may drop down to just a few a week, especially since podcast editing will likely eat up a lot of my blogging time.  If there are slow or inactive periods, I only ask that you be patient with me as I attempt to juggle a whole host of responsibilities.

Finally, my amazing wife always astounds me at Christmas with the perfect gift, and this year was no different.  She got me a new leather jacket, but not just ANY leather jacket...it's Robbie Reyes' jacket from Agents of SHIELD!  I know I don't rock the look as well as Gabriel Luna does, but I think it's awesome.  Thanks baby, I love you!

Yep, that's me.