Thursday, May 5, 2016

A Shout-Out To Readers

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who visits, reads, and comments both here at the blog and on the Vengeance Unbound Facebook page.  You guys are all awesome, and there are two guys in particular that I want to give some serious props to.

The first is Jim Yost, who has joined me both here on the blog and as my upcoming podcast co-host.  When I started Vengeance Unbound as a catch-all Ghost Rider fansite way back in 2001, Jim was one of the very first people to get in contact with me to share our love of the character.  In fact, he wrote a great article for that first incarnation of the website (which has, unfortunately, been lost to the misty Internet graveyard following site crashes).  He's been a staunch supporter of the site ever since, and if it wasn't for him the Skulls On Fire podcast would just be a pipe dream.  Here's to you, dude!

The second is a fan that goes by the handle GR_Fan82 (yes, I know his real name, but I don't know if he'd want me to share it on a public forum, so we'll just go by his 'net handle).  He's another one who has been a years-long supporter of the site and a fan that I keep in regular contact with via e-mail to chat about all things Ghost Rider.  This is a guy who went out of his way at a recent comic convention to get me not only a copy of Ghost Rider (1973) # 76 signed by Bob Budiansky, but also a kick-ass art print signed (and personalized, to boot!) by Budiansky, who is definitely my all-time favorite Ghost Rider artist.  The generosity and just flat-out awesomeness of that stuns me, and knowing that there are fans of my work on the blog that would do something so nice is a huge motivator for everything I do here. 

So thanks Jim, thanks GR-Fan82, and thanks to everyone else who has ever e-mailed or even just read something on the site or blog over the years.  You guys are all fucking awesome!

Art Print by Bob Budiansky