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The Inner Demons podcast, hosted by Chris Munn and Brian Biggie, launched in April of 2017!  Episodes are hosted here on Vengeance Unbound and can also be found both on iTunes and on Stitcher!

Episode 1: "Deathbed Confession to a Skeleton Monster" [Release Date: 04/01/17]
In the debut episode of Inner Demons, Chris and Brian introduce the show and review the first two issues of the Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider series and Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme.  Then, in our first installment of Flashback Reviews, we take a look back at Marvel Spotlight # 5 from 1972, Ghost Rider # 1 from 1990, and Ghost Rider # 1 from 2001.

Episode 2: "All New Fantastic Circle of Four on the Floor" [Release Date: 04/15/17]
In this second episode of Inner Demons, Brian and Chris take a look at Ghost Rider (2016) # 3 and Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme # 3 and 4.  Then, in the Flashback Reviews, we look back at Marvel Spotlight (1972) # 6, Ghost Rider (1990) # 2, and Ghost Rider (2001) # 2.

Episode 3: "Indiana Ketch and the Thermos of Doom" [Release Date: 04/30/17]
In this third episode of Inner Demons, Brian and Chris take a look at Ghost Rider (2016) # 4 and Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme # 5.  Then everyone put on your diapers and Dracula capes because in the Flashback Reviews we look back at Marvel Spotlight (1972) # 7, Ghost Rider (1990) # 3, and Ghost Rider (2001) # 3.

Episode 4: "The Jumping of Chipmunk Canyon!" [Release Date: 05/13/17]
In the fourth episode of Inner Demons, Brian and Chris take a look at Ghost Rider (2016) # 5 and The Unbelievable Gwenpool # 14.  Then in the Flashback Reviews we look back at Marvel Spotlight (1972) # 8, Ghost Rider (1990) # 4, and Ghost Rider (2001) # 4. No Snake Men were harmed during the recording of this episode.

Episode 5: "Beware the Purple Posse!" [Release Date: 05/27/17]
Brian and Chris are back with the 5th episode of Inner Demons, where they review The Unbelievable Gwenpool # 15 and ponder the mysterious line-up of the Purple Posse.  Then, in the Flashback Reviews, they look back at Marvel Spotlight (1972) # 9, Ghost Rider (1990) # 5, and Ghost Rider (2001) # 5.  You will be astonished by Johnny Blaze beating up a cripple, thrilled by the Punisher's inexplicably designed guns, and awed by how the Hammer Lane is the death of all things good!

Episode 6: "Gunmetal Gary" [Release Date: 06/10/17]
Back from the grave, Brian and Chris lament that no new Ghost Rider comics have been released, and so have chosen to add a fourth Flashback Review to the roster!  This episode sees reviews of Marvel Spotlight (1972) # 10, Ghost Rider (1990) # 6, Ghost Rider (2001) # 6, and Ghost Rider 2099 # 1!  Listening to this episode grants you an automatic membership in the greatest acronym-based group ever, U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M.!

Episode 7: "Satan On Speed-Dial" [Release Date: 06/24/17]
Inner Demons returns with an episode full of flaming piles of splat, electrical wrist chainsaws, and bodies stuffed with straw.  Chris and Brian spend their time and yours reviewing Marvel Spotlight on Ghost Rider # 11, Ghost Rider (1990) # 7, Ghost Rider (2001) # 1/2, and Ghost Rider 2099 # 2.

Episode 8: "Ninja Clown Machine" [Release Date: 07/08/17]
Inner Demons is back with the 8th episode and there are ninjas EVERYWHERE.  Brian and Chris take a critical look back at Ghost Rider (1973) # 1, Marvel Comics Presents # 64-71, Marvel Mangaverse: Ghost Riders # 1, and Ghost Rider 2099 # 3.  We also teach some valuable life lessons, such as: only perform a motorcycle jump over a canyon in the daytime, throwing people through walls is a perfectly acceptable solution to all of life's problems, and never trust a smiling manga werewolf.

Episode 9: "The Self-Righteous Spider-Man!" [Release Date: 07/22/17]
E-Mail the Body Banks and get 'em ready for rush hour, Inner Demons is back with a new episode!  Brian and Chris talk about the Marvel Legacy announcements and what it means for future Ghost Rider comics by giving an impromptu math lesson!  On the review docket this episode are Ghost Rider (1973) # 2, Spider-Man (1990) # 6 & 7, Ghost Rider (2005) # 1, and Ghost Rider 2099 # 4!

Episode 10: "No Donuts For Bad Cops" [Release Date: 08/05/17]
The tenth episode of Inner Demons comes at you like a flaming chariot pulled by demon horses!  Chris and Brian take a critical look back at Marvel Spotlight (1972) # 12, Fantastic Four # 347-349, Ghost Rider (2005) # 2, and Ghost Rider 2099 # 5.  Highlights include: the Son of Satan living in a heavy metal album, Ghost Rider as Spider-Man and the Hulk's stern older brother, and Ghost Rider 2099 barbecuing his own human body!  Tell me that's not worth the price of admission, folks!

Episode 11: "Total Eclipse of the H.E.A.R.T." [Release Date: 08/19/17]
Unzip your pants and let your tentacle appendages loose for the newest episode of Inner Demons, the 'net's best (i.e. only) Ghost Rider podcast!  This time Brian and Chris turn a critical eye toward Edge of Venomverse # 3, where Robbie Reyes totally tongue kisses Mr Hyde (spoilers ahoy, of course).  Then the classic reviews shine a light on Ghost Rider (1973) # 3, Ghost Rider (1990) # 8, and Ghost Rider (2005) # 3!  Finally, stick around 'til the end of the episode for a very special creator interview with a legendary Marvel Comics creator!

Episode 12 - "Ghost Passenger" [Release Date: 09/04/17]
Hope everyone's ready to cruise around in the back of a Cadillac, because Inner Demons is back with a new episode!  Brian and Chris examine Ghost Rider (1973) # 4, Ghost Rider (1990) # 9, Ghost Rider (2005) # 4, and Ghost Rider 2099 # 6.  Always remember: flaming skulled stunt biker vigilantes can totally hide behind rocks in the middle of the night and not be seen by dune-buggy driving police officers.  That information might save your life some day.

Episode 13 - "Edge of Orbverse" [Release Date: 09/16/17]
We've got Spider-Man to the left of us, Spider-Man 2099 to the right, and now we're stuck in the middle with Thor!  Inner Demons is back with unlucky episode # 13, and this episode we look at Marvel Team-Up (1972) # 15, The Mighty Thor # 429-430, Ghost Rider (2005) # 5, and Ghost Rider 2099 # 7!  This episode was recorded before the news broke of Len Wein's passing, an unfortunate coincidence that this episode featured us looking back at his one time writing Ghost Rider.  R.I.P. Mr. Wein.

Episode 14 - "Ms. Jemima Catmint: Spirit of Vengeance" [Release Date: 10/03/17]
Do you get frustrated when the villain you're trying to give your Penance Stare to turns out to be a robot?  Do you hold the popular belief that all motorcyclists should be lined up against a wall and shot?  Do you ever become angry when you realize your freedom from Hell was all just an elaborate game where you were the witless pawn? Then welcome to our magic floating castle everyone, Inner Demons is back with another new episode!  Brian and Chris take a look back at Ghost Rider (1973) # 5, Ghost Rider (1990) # 10, Ghost Rider (2005) # 6, and Ghost Rider 2099 # 8!

Episode 15 - "Canadian Bacon" [Release Date: 10/20/17]
After a bit of a delay, Inner Demons is back with a brand new attack!  This episode Chris and Brian take a look at two new Ghost Rider related comic releases, namely Marvel Legacy # 1 and Spirits of Vengeance # 1!  Then, in place of our regular classic reviews, we take a fond look back at a Very Special Issue from Ghost Rider history, Amazing Spider-Man: Hit and Run # 3.  Remember to always wear your helmets when riding your bicycles, kiddos!

Episode 16 - "Hellfireface" [Release Date: 11/13/17]
After too long a delay Inner Demons is back with another new episode!  This time Chris and Brian are talking about Iceman getting dating assistance from the Champions and little kid Spirits of Vengeance on flaming Big Wheels, among other things.  Reviewed this episode are Iceman # 6-7 and Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur # 24. Also, as a special flashback section, we review two 1990s promotional comics: Marvel Collector's Edition (1992) # 1 from Charleston Chew and Ghost Rider Collector's Edition (1993) # 1 from Kaybee Toys!

Episode 17 - "Hanging Out in a Bookstore With Blade" [Release Date: 12/19/17]
Inner Demons is finally back to throw out tons of unnecessary exposition and tell you a whole lot of stuff about nothing particularly important!  This episode has Brian and Chris braving the wilds of new Ghost Rider material by reviewing Spirits of Vengeance (2017) # 2 & 3 and Thanos (2016) # 13.  Only one of those titles has a Cosmic Space Ghost Rider that is also a Herald of Galactus...the other one has a bookstore?  Exciting!

Episode 18 - "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Hellfire" [Release Date: 12/24/17]
Happy Holidays from Inner Demons!  As our gift to you, we present this special mini-episode dedicated to the Christmas season, which would surely warm our souls had we not already sold them to the Devil.  In this Ho-Ho-Horrific episode Brian and Chris take a fond look back at the Ghost Rider stories from Marvel Holiday Special (1992) # 1 and Marvel Holiday Special 1994 before finishing off with 2016's Ghost Rider X-Mas Special # 1!

Episode 19 - "Espresso at the Gates of Hell" [Release Date: 02/12/18]
Chris and Brian have finally escaped from Hell to release a new episode of Inner Demons!  This time we discuss some new comics, including Thanos # 14 & 15 and Spirits of Vengeance # 4, and a special flashback review of Ghost Rider 2099 # 9!

Episode 20 - "Spotlights & Cycle Tramps" [Release Date: 03/01/18]
Hey kids, this episode of Inner Demons is all about the Power of Friendship!  Brian and Chris walk you through three classic comic reviews, featuring Ghost Rider (1973) # 6, Ghost Rider (1990) # 11, and Ghost Rider (2006) # 1 which highlights the following sterling examples of friendship.  Dave Barnett will teach you his tips on how to make friends and influence people using lassos and weaponized spotlights, Dan Ketch learns that he really just needs to accept his inner vengeance demon for who he really is, and Johnny Blaze teams up with Slimer for a relaxing cycle jump over a hell chasm.  After listening to this episode you'll be making friends in no time!

Episode 21 - "Punching Robot Zodiaks" [Release Date: 03/26/18]
Inner Demons jumps into the "Damnation" event with our extra-special crossover review of Doctor Strange: Damnation # 3!  If you want to hear reviews of the first two Damnation issues, plus loads of tie-ins, check out the other podcasts involved in this special crossover event: The Immortal Iron Fist Podcast - Sons of the Dragon, Defenders TV Podcast, and Into the Knight - A Moon Knight Podcast!  Also, in an extra-special tie-in flashback review segment, Brian and Chris review the "Strange Tales" crossover from 1991 between Ghost Rider (1990) # 12 and Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) # 28!

Episode 22 - "Stationary Demon" [Release Date: 04/09/18]
Inner Demons has returned once again, per the details of our infernal bargaining, bask in the glory of our reviews, to which we hope you will peruse!  We begin with Thanos # 16-17, with a Cosmic Ghost Rider guillotine, then on to Spirits of Vengeance # 5, with an ending that coffee did contrive!  Then, the reason for all this rhyming, a review that left us smiling, the Amalgam Comics' bastard son, the dreadful Speed Demon # 1!  Apologies for the awful rhymes, we're not the poets for our times, but forgive us for this bit of fun, and tune in to our...podcast.

Episode 23 - "Fresh Prince of Hell-Air" [Release Date: 04/24/18]
Inner Demons returns with our second tie-in episode to the comic AND podcast crossover event, "Damnation"!  Join Chris, Brian, and special guest Rey from Into the Knight - A Moon Knight Podcast for our thoughts on Damnation: Johnny Blaze - Ghost Rider # 1 and our opinions about the event as a whole so far!  Also, in a special classic review segment, we look back at Ghost Rider's guest- appearance in Marc Spector: Moon Knight # 25 from 1991!

Episode 24 - "Cosmic Lone Beat Cop" [Release Date: [05/07/18]
Inner Demons is serving up another steaming hot plate of VENGEANCE for your earbuds!  This episode Brian and Chris look back at four classic (or not so classic) comics of the past, including Ghost Rider (1973) # 7, Punisher War Journal (1988) # 29-30, and Ghost Rider (2006) # 2!  Adjust your toupee, take a hit of Spin, and squeeze your Dixie tight because HERE COMES HELL!

Episode 25 - "Walking in Both Worlds" [Release Date: 05/24/18]
Inner Demons would like to invite you to join us in celebrating our 25th episode milestone!  Allow Brian and Chris to be your guide through the 2007 Ghost Rider feature film with the special Inner Demons commentary track!  Fire up your DVD or Blu-Ray disc and watch along as we discuss bad hairpieces, impotent villains, and the absolute awesomeness of Sam Elliot.  Let's ride, listeners!

Episode 26 - "Unreliable Narrator" [Release Date: 06/12/18]
Turn your hellevisions to Channel 666, where Inner Demons is proud to present "Let's Make a Deal...with the DEVIL"!  Each player will receive the consolation prize of a Thanos Annual # 1 review along with a chance to win reviews of Avengers (2018) # 1 & 2!  Of course, they can choose to risk it all and go for the grand prize: a review of Ghost Rider (1973) # 8!  Which damned souls will go home with the gold and the glory?  Tune in to find out!

Episode 27 - "Redneck Interlude" [Release Date: 06/25/18]
Creeping up behind you, it's horrible!  It's a new episode of Inner Demons, it just hid behind that tombstone!  I heard rumors y'know, that those two hosscats Brian and Chris once reviewed a whole bushel of comics.  Stuff like Ghost Rider (1990) # 13 and Ghost Rider (2006) # 3.  Even (dare I say it?) Ghost Rider 2099 # 10!  It cursed 'em, y'see, and now they roam the cemetery in search...of listeners!

Episode 28 - "Punch That Baby!" [Release Date: 07/24/18]
Inner Demons is a proud member of the Church of Celestial God Vomit, and with our guidance you too can practice the beliefs of the space gods!  Our reviews of Avengers (2018) # 3, 4, and 5 will surely bring you to your knees in worship of the Final Host!  Don't listen to that heretic and blasphemer Frank Castle, though, for our sermon on Cosmic Ghost Rider # 1 will prove him to be the Devil himself.  He even punches poor defenseless toddlers in the face!  Peace be with you space brothers and sisters!

Okay people, you don't need Inner Demons to tell you how awesome Ghost Rider is or how essential to your daily lives these comics truly are.  You certainly shouldn't have to listen to Chris and Brian as they thoughtfully do a critical autopsy on such works of four color art as Ghost Rider (1973) # 9, Ghost Rider (1990) # 14, and Ghost Rider (2006) # 4.  You don't NEED such an in-depth analysis in your lives, but wouldn't you just give anything to have it?  Wouldn't you sell...YOUR SOUL????

Episode 30 - "Magical Snapbracelet" [Release Date: 08/24/18]
Inner Demons would like to extend an apology to John Tesh, we had no idea you were actually the Devil and would very much like to keep our souls from frying in one of your lakes of hellfire.  Chris and Brian have some excellent comic reviews in this episode and perhaps your enjoyment of them would convince you to spare us, oh benevolent Lucifer?  You could listen to our thoughts on Cosmic Ghost Rider # 2 or Ghost Rider 2099 # 11, though perhaps you'd rather hear our critique of Mythos: Ghost Rider # 1, in which you bless the pages with your handsome visage?  Please don't poke us with that pitchfork, Mr. Tesh!

Episode 31 - "Hulk Can't Breathe!" [Release Date: 09/17/18]
Inner Demons returns with heavy hearts and sad tidings following the passing of Ghost Rider co-creator Gary Friedrich, who will missed by Flameheads everywhere.  This episode Chris and Brian review some classic comics, including Johnny Blaze's fight against the Hulk in Ghost Rider (1973) # 11, Danny Ketch's confrontation with Blackout in Ghost Rider (1990) # 15, and a return to the abandoned Quentin Carnival in Ghost Rider (2006) # 5.  Listen, enjoy, and then go read Marvel Spotlight # 5 in Mr. Friedrich's memory!

Episode 32 - "Ghost Rider Genisys" [Release Date: 10/24/18]
After a long hiatus Inner Demons has returned to go back, way back, back into time!  This is our All New Avengers review episode, where Chris and Brian take a look at issues 6 through 9 of the new Avengers series!  We talk about Robbie Reyes getting his Pacific Rim on, how the first Ghost Rider's origin story has turned the character's history into a "Choose Your Own Adventure", and Namor's brilliant idea to put armor on sharks!

Episode 33 - "Satanic Fanboys" [Release Date: 11/14/18]
Inner Demons SPAAAAAACE!  This episode Brian and Chris review Cosmic Ghost Rider #s 3 and 4, which features a pretty detailed account on how to murder every hero in the Marvel Universe, Thanos Legacy # 1, which brings Cosmic Ghost Rider firmly into the present day, and What If?: Ghost Rider # 1, which is certainly a comic book that exists.  Throw up your devil horns and head bang until your neck breaks, it's the most metal episode of Inner Demons yet!

Episode 34 - "Mister Man-Hyde" [Release Date: 12/05/18]
Inner Panthers has returned after that unfortunate incident with the Infinity Warps for another episode of all new comic reviews!  Host Chris Biggie has some really bizarre memories of being two different people, but there's no way anything could smash two hosts together into one super host, right?  While he struggles with his identity he takes a critical look at Avengers # 10 and Cosmic Ghost Rider # 5, which feature a weird spin-off character named Ghost Rider, before taking a look at the origin of his hero Johnny T'Challa Blaze in Infinity Wars: Ghost Panther # 1!

Episode 35 - "Miracle Man on 34th Street" [Release Date: 12/23/18]
Merry Ghostmas from Inner Demons!  Chris and Brian are delivering an early present for Vengeance Eve with our special holiday episode!  We look at the Christmas classic "Silent Night...Deadly Night!" from Marvel Two-In-One # 8, then we round out the episode with discussions about the decidedly non-yuletide Ghost Rider (1990) # 16 and Ghost Rider (2006) # 6!  Just like Santa Claus, Ghost Rider knows when you've been naughty, when you've been nice, and when you've spilled innocent blood.

Episode 36 - "Dad Panther" [Release Date: 02/04/19]
Look listeners, it can't be said that the humble hosts of Inner Demons, Chris Munn & Brian Biggie, don't suffer for your entertainment.  This episode, they review Chris' choice for worst Ghost Rider comic of all time, Infinity Wars: Ghost Panther # 2.  Say a prayer before diving into this one, folks.  But hey, they also look at (the much, much better) Guardians of the Galaxy (2019) # 1 and Ghost Rider 2099 # 12, so it's like a sandwich with two awesome kaiser buns holding together some rotten meat.  Wakanda Forever!

Episode 37 - "Fly Like an Eagle" [Release Date: 02/19/19]
Inner Demons returns with a new episode filled with three classic comic reviews, including Brian's choice for worst Ghost Rider comic of all time!  Which comic will it be, listeners: the return of the Phantom Eagle in Ghost Rider (1973) # 12, the final battle with the Hobgoblin in Ghost Rider (1990) # 17, or the conclusion to "Hell to Pay" in Ghost Rider (2007) # 7?

Episode 38 - "Old Man Dracula" [Release Date: 04/22/19]
You've got a second chance, Inner Demons!  Back from a lengthy hiatus and now working as stuntmen in Hollywood, Brian and Chris are ready to tackle a full compliment of comic books both old and new for your listening pleasure!  Robbie Reyes talks to a ghost dog in Avengers (2018) # 14 & 15, Zero Cochrane lays around in a pile of wreckage in Ghost Rider 2099 # 13, and Johnny Blaze actually scares a supervillain in Ghost Rider (1973) # 13!  Now, if you'll excuse us, we need to be on set to jump this motorcycle over a burning schoolbus.  Action!

Episode 39 - "Cosmic Deadpool Destroys Drunk History" [Release Date: 05/06/19]
Inner Demons returns to take a walk on the cosmic side as we check in on Frank Castle, the Cosmic Ghost Rider!  Not only does he get cursed at by a toddler in Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History # 1, but he has to join up with the Dark Guardians to beat up Nova in Guardians of the Galaxy (2019) # 2 and 3!  That poor guy just can't catch a break!  Thankfully, he doesn't have to appear in Ghost Rider (1990) # 18, which features Danny Ketch beating up a priest.  Wait, what?

Episode 40 - "Bladestreet Boys" [Release Date: 06/16/19]
Inner Demons channels its inner vampire hunter in this new episode!  Chris and Brian take a look at Avengers (2018) # 16 and 17, featuring Grandpappy Dracula and the King of All Dogs, War of the Realms Strikeforce: The Dark Elf Realm # 1, featuring the Punisher and Thor's mom coming this close to making out, and Ghost Rider (2006) # 8, featuring a grizzled old sheriff.  Maybe, just maybe, we might even talk about Ghost Rider at some point!

Episode 41 - "Gesundheit!" [Release Date: 07/02/19]
Are you ready for Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Inner Demons?  Chris & Brian, champions of Flameheads all over the world, bravely venture into the toxic wasteland to review Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History # 2, 3, & 4.  You're going to hear things in this episode that you can never un-hear, gentle listeners.  Also, just to keep you on your toes, a review of Ghost Rider 2099 # 14.  So at least there's that to look forward to!

Episode 42 - "Power Vacuum" [Release Date: 07/22/19]
Inner Demons are down on their knees to grovel before their dark mistress Hela in this brand-new episode!  Chris and Brian are the abject subjects of the Queen of Death as they review Guardians of the Galaxy (2019) #s 4, 5, and 6.  Meanwhile, back on Earth, a review of Ghost Rider (1973) # 14 lays in wait, plotting and scheming against the intrepid podcast hosts!

Episode 43 - "Halt and Ketch Fire" [Release Date: 08/06/19]
Inner Demons is back with a special surprise gift for Ghost Rider fans of all ages!  Chris and Brian take a look at Marvel Comics Presents (2019) # 6 and Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History # 5 before turning to their flashback reviews of Ghost Rider/Cable: Servants of the Dead # 1 and Ghost Rider (2006) # 9.  Then, stay tuned for a special interview with none other than Howard Mackie, writer and creator of the Danny Ketch Ghost Rider!

Episode 44 - "Strip For Action!" [Release Date: 09/25/19]
Inner Demons vrooms back into the spotlight with a new episode full of Ghost Rider greatness!  Brian and Chris take the time to teach some lessons, including but not limited to: spinal cords are delicious, the world most certainly does not still need the Champions, the edge is a precarious place to live, and zombies are really clumsy.  Learn about all of this and more in reviews of Absolute Carnage: Symbiote of Vengeance # 1, The Champions (1975) # 1, Ghost Rider/Wolverine/Punisher: Hearts of Darkness, and Ghost Rider (2006) # 10!  Also, stay tuned at the end for a re-presentation of our interview with comic legend John Romita Jr.!

Episode 45 - "Continuity Hug" [Release Date: 10/9/19]
Inner Demons is back with a roller coaster of an episode that takes a look at the dizzying high of Ghost Rider (2019) # 1, the curving speed of Avengers (2018) #s 21 and 22, and the plunging depths of Secret Warps: Ghost Panther Annual # 1! 

Episode 46 - "Unoriginal Sin" [Release Date: 10/28/19]
Inner Demons is traveling the timestream to bring you reviews from the past, the present, and even the far future!  Chris & Brian go back through the wilds of continuity to review Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History # 6, take part in the Challenge of the Ghost Riders during the reviews of Avengers (2019) # 23 & 24, and then get arrested by the new federal marshal of Transverse City while attempting to review Ghost Rider 2099 # 15!  

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